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YJT Solutions, LLC

Chicago, United States
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YJT Solutions is the leading provider of managed IT services in the Chicago metropolitan area for entrepreneurial and mid-market organizations.YJT started in 2001 by solving the IT operational challenges of some of Chicago’s most intense trading environments, and we continue to work on these complex architectures today. Our success in addressing these technological challenges clearly demonstrates our ability to support even the most demanding customers with true IT excellence.

Building on early successes, we have been champions of the managed services platform and have worked tirelessly to build a robust service offering—consisting of our teams, tools, and systems—that makes providing round-the-clock support for your IT environment the pinnacle of what we do.

Other providers commonly house their managed services divisions within a larger business operation that has a different aim entirely. Consulting firms, cloud hosting businesses, and value added resellers of hardware & software are concerned with selling you their core product and oftentimes include managed services as an add-on. YJT’s sole focus, on the other hand, is to provide world-class managed services and to do that exceedingly well—no other hidden agenda, and no compromise on quality.  


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