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Singular Security

Tustin, United States
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Singular Security is a different type of IT support organization. We can easily demonstrate our skills and competencies to you. However, we understand that’s not really what you need to know to make a decision. You need to know three things about us:

Can we do the job?
Will you be able to Trust us to ensure your IT operations are secure and operating at their peak?
Will we take the time to understand your business and anticipate your needs?
The answer, naturally, is “Yes” to all of the above. This is because we understand that the order of their importance is reversed. By getting to know you, your business, and your systems, our qualified team can respond to your IT needs as though we were direct employees. Your business becomes our business.

Our ActionPAX™ series gets you the service you need immediately and cost effectively.

In a world of newly minted IT professionals working from their garage, we offer you seasoned operatives who will provide you with guidance and insight as well as reports and monitoring. As our relationship grows, we will provide you with recommendations and suggestions for methods by which we believe your systems and your business can be enhanced. We understand that you need more than a watchdog; you need a partner who can look at both the business aspects as well as the technology and bring the two together in a meaningful fashion.

Our people will always be on call and by your side. You will have access to our “Hotline” for emergency situations, and you will come to know your assigned Specialist as though they were a person on your own staff.

We understand that you need more than a technical operative. You need someone who can explain things in plain language, who can provide realistic deadlines and estimates, and who can see beyond the servers to how your IT infrastructure affects the heart of your business.  


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