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Farmers Branch, United States
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Specializing in business services & IT support, MyTGroup is a Dallas, Texas-based MSP offering multiple products that simplify processes used in workplaces. This is performed by installing superior business internet connections, while at the same time providing an enterprise quality local area network that has network security supported on the cloud. Once the correct network infrastructure is built, IP surveillance cameras & IP phones are implemented with remotely monitored services. If required, additional business security systems can be deployed. Services can further be integrated into a single virtual workspace with all desired business applications required. The highly mobile workspace can be accessed anywhere on any internet browser.

Do you know how companies constantly struggle with computers and applications? Well, our staff at MyTGroup are 100% experts in solving all the technology needs in a single point solution. No matter if your business is small, medium, large, local, nationwide or global; we have a team that can repair your technology problems! With our global team of engineers, technicians and agents, we are able to evaluate and provide solutions to move businesses forward. Leaving to do, what you do best; Make money! Stop spending time putting out fires, automate the business processes and connections now before it consumes the business.

Our engineers look at existing systems such as computers, phones, internet connection, internal networks, employee processes and exactly 21 other points of the business. We find where money is lost in the technology and processes which are slowing employees down.

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