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File Types That You Shouldn't Share Via Email

Are you wondering why no one is replying to your email? What file type did you attach to your message? There are certain file types you shouldn't share via email. The reason

5 step business guide to changing IT provider

In this article, we outline the key areas to cover when changing IT provider.This is going on the assumption that the business has either:1) A fully outsourced IT company is providing relevant

91 of Fortune 100 Companies Use Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams first launched in 2017 as software to make communication easier and more streamlined for any team, group or business. It would take another three years before

Preparing Your Email, Calendar & Contacts for Take-off with Microsoft 365 and Office 365

Data migration can be stressful, tedious and slow – but for any business, data migration can also be one of the most important things to do this year. Data is the heartbeat